Congratulations 2020 Signees

A heartfelt congratulations from the Colorado Dugout Club Coaches Association Directors and members to all the following Senior Players in Colorado who have signed to attend college as a baseball player. This is an incredible accomplishment for all the players and a real feather on the cap of those coaches who have spent countless hours in the past 4 years nurturing and developing these young players! Please know that you will always be a Colorado Kid and we are proud of you as you continue this journey as a baseball player!

NAME                     POS                COLLEGE                         HIGH SCHOOL

Dawson Scheer      P              Paradise Valley CC             Fruita Monument

Aiden Schultz         P            Labette CC                           Thompson Valley

Luke Bierman      P/OF         Concordia University        Thompson Valley

Liam Grimble                      Utl                  Paris JC                                 Smoky Hill

Dylan McKee                      IF                     Northern Colorado           Smoky Hill

Caleb Albaugh                    MIF                Metro State                         Legend        

Joe Ciardullo                       RHP                Metro State                         Legend

Jack Battistelli                                            Richland College                Centaurus

Kyle Kahn                                                     Central Missouri                ThunderRidge

Tyler Dinges                                                Neosho CC                           ThunderRidge

Brady LeJune DeAcutis                            Texas Tech                           ThunderRidge

Daniel Thiessen                  P/OF              Southwestern CC               Sterling

Chris Scherbarth                P                      Taft College                         Sterling

Kade Poteet Herrera.                               McCook JC                           Pueblo South

Matt Morben                      P                      Doane College                    Green Mountain

Danny Wisor                       OF                   Hastings College                Green Mountain

Braydon Schultz                 1B                   Jamestown Univ                Green Mountain

Albert Ursetta                                            Northern Colorado           Kennedy

Nate Lipka                          C OF               Knox College                       Elizabeth

Brogan Stevens                                          Scottsdale CC                      Rocky Mountain

Aaron Loucks                                              Scottsdale CC                      Rocky Mountain

Brian Bruxvoort                                         Western Nebraska CC Rocky Mountain

Nico Crisitelli                      C                     Webster University           Rocky Mountain

Dylan Hupfer                                              Fort Hays State Univ         Rocky Mountain

Keith Meyer                        P/1B              Midland University           Pueblo east

Jimmy Hebenstreit           P                      Air Force Academy            Heritage 

Conner Cummiskey           P                     The Citadel                          Heritage 

NAME                                    POS                COLLEGE                               HIGH SCHOOL

Kyle Radi                                                      Univ of Dubuque               Wheatridge

Ethan Sitzman                                            Whitman College               Wheatridge

Nick Jacobs                          P                     Air Force                               Mead

Thaniel Trumper                P                      Doane University             Fossil Ridge

Ethan Sloan                                                 Regis University                 Cherokee Trail

Kaleb Woltz                                                 San Francisco                      Cherokee Trail

Cole Greer                                                   Yavapai CC                           Cherokee Trail

Sam Hayen                                                  Garden City CC                   Cherokee Trail

Nolan Sparks                                               University of Rochester  Cherokee Trail

Greg Nelson                                                Beloit College                     Cherokee Trail

Connor Hommes                                       Dordt University                Cherokee Trail

David Ryan                                                  CSU Monterey Bay            Cherokee Trail

Kaleb Woltz                                                 Univ of San Francisco       Cherokee Trail

Riley Dufour                        OF                   Otero JC                                Frederick

Hunter Wallace                  OF/P              Lamar CC                              Frederick

Mark Aguero                      P                     Lamar CC                              Frederick

Jonah Sanders                    OF                   Bethany College                 Frederick

Tyler Segura                        P                     Bethany College                 Frederick

Griffin Bruder                                             So Illinois Edwardsville    Ponderosa

Ethan Witzel                                               Augustana College            Ponderosa

Ty Martens                                                  Northwestern College     Ponderosa

Colby Eyl                                                      Panhandle State               Ponderosa

Grant Biggins                                              Colby CC                               Ponderosa

Ben Martin                                                  Concordia University        Regis Jesuit

Colter Couillard-Rodak                            Rose-Hulman                      Regis Jesuit

Chase Alle                                                    University of Michigan    Regis Jesuit

Nate Dinges                                                 Denison University           Regis Jesuit
Owen Best                                                   Univ of St. Thomas            Regis Jesuit
Michael Andersen                                     University of Dallas          Regis Jesuit
Luke Frederick                                            Benedictine College          Regis Jesuit
Bryce Parsons                                             USAir Force Academy      Regis Jesuit
Jack Michalek-                                            UC Colorado Springs         Regis Jesuit
JT Miller                                                       Webster University          Regis Jesuit
Jacob Thompsen                                        Long Beach State   Regis Jesuit
Craig Kenny                                                 Univ Northern Colo          Regis Jesuit
Ethan O’Donnel                                         Northwestern Univ           Regis Jesuit
Jack Harpole                                               Benedictine College          Regis Jesuit

Colter Couillard-Rodak                            Rose-Hulman University Regis Jesuit

Keaton Heyneman                                    Adams State                        Vista Peak

Nathan Buckner                                         Northwestern College     Vista Peak   

Gavin Heyneman                                       Adams State                        Vista Peak

Caden Eymann                   LHP                 Western Nebraska CC      Byers

NAME                                    POS                COLLEGE                               HIGH SCHOOL

Jonah Cox                                                    Butler CC                              Flatirons Academy

Harrison Boushele                                    Augustana                           Grandview

Tony Castonguay                                       Kansas                                   Grandview

Isaac Smith                                                  South Mountain                Grandview

Tony Sus                                                       Augustana                           Grandview

Jacob Vernikoff                                          Augustana                           Grandview

Noah McCandless                                     Garden City CC                   Arvada West

Addison Southwick                                   Augustana College            Arvada West

Braden Thomson                                       Feather River College       Arvada West

Jay Lambert                                                 Midland University           Arvada West

Lucas Plummer                                           Austin College                    Arvada West

Stevenson Reynolds                                 Colorado Mesa Univ         Palisade

Chandler Mason                                        Saddleback JC                     Pueblo West

Brodie Blackford                                        Hendrix college                  Pueblo West

Justin Borden                                              McPherson College           Pueblo West

Nolan Livsey                                                South Mountain                Cherry Creek

Clay Cutter                                                   Iowa Western                     Cherry Creek

Jack Moss                             1B                   Arizona State                      Cherry Creek

Tyler Robinson                                           Dartmouth                          Cherry Creek

Nick Esquivel                      C                     U C Colorado Springs        Cherry Creek

Ben Perla                             SS                    San Francisco State           Cherry Creek

Dorsey Chatham                                        Xavier University               Boulder

Luke Pemberton                                        Pepperdine                          Boulder

Dalton Logan                      P/OF              Univ of Central Okla         Eaton

Reece Bishop                                              Kansas Wesleyan Univ     Mesa Ridge

Jacob Roybal                                               Mesa CC                               Chatfield

Jordan Ramirez                                          Northeastern CC                Chatfield

Hayden Cross                                              McCook CC                          Chatfield

Kyle Koppelmaa                                         Orange Coast CC                Chatfield

Garrick Levesque                                       Ventura College                 Chatfield

Matt Gelwick                                              Luna CC                                 Chatfield

Danny Moore                                             Dubuque University         Chatfield

Landon Gaber                                             West Texas A&M               Chatfield

Jason Simpson                                            George Fox                          Mountain Vista

Aidan Smith                                                 UC Colo Springs                  Mountain Vista

Griffin Shearon                                           Minot State                         Mountain Vista

Jackson Vitry                                               Minot State                         Mountain Vista

Ashton Jenkins                                           Dodge City CC                     Mountain Vista

Ben Colo                                                       San Diego Mesa                 Mountain Vista

Colby Shade                        OF                   Oregon                                  Fort Collins

Gauge Lockhart                                          Brown Univ                         Delta

Hayden Ambuehl              SS                    Wayne State College        Lewis Palmer

Carson Trumpold               C                     Bismarck State College    Lewis Palmer

NAME                                    POS                COLLEGE                               HIGH SCHOOL

Nate Blakesley                   UTIL               Lakeland University          Lewis Palmer 

Grayson Gifford                 P                     Azuza Pacific                       Denver South

Brady McLean                    P/CF               Miami of Ohio                    Columbine

Luke Folsom                        SS/                 Colorado Mines                 Columbine

Joel Basile                            P                     Scottsdale CC                      Columbine

Mark Thurman                   P                     Northeastern CC                Columbine

Brett Jones                                                  Trinity University              Fairview

Joe Milone                           OF                   Marian University             Highlands Ranch

JJ Hager                                IF                     Point Park                            Highlands Ranch

Kit Wigington                                             UC Colorado Springs         Pine Creek

Evan Waring                                                Cornell College                   Pine Creek

Josh Roper                                                   McPherson College           Pine Creek

Henry Kisselman                P 1B               Doane University               Legacy

Stanley Baldwin                                         Mid American Nazarene Jefferson Academy

Jack Roode                          C/IF                Sewanee Univ of South   Kent Denver

Spye Turnbeaugh              P                     Colorado Mesa                   Arapahoe

Joel Arsenault            P/3B          Webster University    Arapahoe

Jake Ticer                             1B                   Glendale CC                         Loveland

Elliott Herrmann                1B                   Garden City CC                   Rock Canyon

Tyler Smith                          P                     South Mountain CC          Rock Canyon

Carson Brown                     RHP                Utah Valley State              Rock Canyon

Gabe Atkins                        OF                  Luther                                   Rock Canyon