Town Hall Meetings – Fall 2018


Dear Colorado HS Baseball Coaches


Hope you’ve had a great summer on the baseball diamond and off and have had a chance to enjoy our beautiful State. As many of us start back to school and prepare to teach, coach another sport, or prepare to have your players in a Fall instructional league, I wanted to inform you all of what the Dugout Club has planned for the next couple of months which involves all high school coaches statewide.

The CDCCA Board has decided to hit the road this Fall and get out and meet with the coaches. Far to often we at times take things for granted and just assume the Colorado coaches are aware of all we do. And we do quite a bit for the programs, the coaches and the players. But, with all the turnover in the coaching ranks and a membership and clinic attendance rate far lower than it should be, we’ve decided to take action.

So, with that on our minds we’ve created a series of town hall type informational meetings and you’re all invited. We’ve basically divided the State into 13 sections and at least one of us Board members and probably a league representative will conduct these informational meetings and discuss what exactly the CDCCA does for all of you and your programs along with some cool opportunities you might be interested in. Our goal of course is to inform, but also to bolster our membership and clinic attendance. Many of you know the State of Colorado conducts one of the finest State Association clinics each year. And we really would love for you all to be a part of that. But to also take advantage of many opportunities the CDCCA has for you.

Stay tuned, as we are planning on hitting the road soon as in the week after Labor Day. Plans are to utilize either Sunday or Monday evenings and we’ll go thru October if we have to. 1 ½ to 2 hours should do it, unless of course the questions run into the evening which is fine. Key schools within the regions will be needed and we’ll spend the next few days identifying league reps and potential sites. Come hungry as the CDCCA  will provide food and refreshments.

That’s all for now. One of us will be in touch soon and we’ll bombard you with Constant Contact memos and I’m sure some phone calls. Hope to see you all soon,

Coach Bill


Current Town Hall Meeting Dates/Locations


9/09 – @Pueblo West – Time: 6:30pm
9/10 @ Cheyenne Mountain – Time: 6:30pm
9/17 (or 24) @Fruita – Time: TBA
9/17 @ Pomona – Time: 7:00pm
9/17 @ Horizon – Time: 7:00pm
9/19 @Limon – Time: 7:00pm
9/23 @ Sterling – Time TBA
9/24 @ Rangeview – Time: 7:00pm
9/24 @ ThunderRidge – Time: 6:30pm
9/24 @ Rocky Mountain – Time: 6:30pm

TBA – Slated for October
La Junta