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The Sunbelt Classic has been in existence for many
years. This event was the brain child of and has been
organized by long time Oklahoma baseball coach
John Schwartz. The CDC started sending teams to
this week long tourney in 2011. The CDC has

nominations and tryouts for this team which travels

to Oklahoma in early June. You can contact Allan

Dyer with any questions about this terrific

opportunity provided by the CDC for current juniors

in High School. 2013 the Team finished runner up.

They lost 5-3 to Arizona. They beat Missouri,

Canada, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma

on their way to championship game!


Comments from former Sunbelt players

Ryan Madden

Ryan Madden:
My most memorable baseball memory to this date would probably be the Sunbelt tournament I played in this summer. It is hosted in a small town in Oklahoma and the players get to live with host families. I just really enjoyed the experience and my host family was amazing. I still talk with them to this day.

Ryan Madden
Tommy Gillman:
My most memorable baseball moment up to date was going to Oklahoma with the Colorado Junior Team. Representing the state of Colorado was really cool for me. We all stayed with host families, who would literally do anything for us kids. They took us and watched every one of our games, and they also took us to do something every day and every night when we didn’t have a game. One of the things we did was Noodling (Fishing for catfish with your bare hands) that was an awesome experience and a little freaky at the same time. I will always remember that trip and the guys I played with and the families I stayed with. It was incredible.


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