Hall of Fame


Colorado Dugout Club Hall of Fame

Mission Statement

To honor, by public acknowledgment or commemoration, those individuals who merit recognition and distinction for their accomplishments and leadership in baseball in the state of Colorado.

CRITERIA (“Lest they be forgotten”)

Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character.

 Nominees should be active or retired baseball people in the state of Colorado.

 Nominees should have coached or been involved with the baseball community in Colorado for at least 15 years.

 Nominees should have significantly contributed to the advancement of baseball on and off the field at the local, state, national or international level.

Nominees should have been contributors to the total athletic picture, such as presenter at coaching clinics, written publications, and be a recognized authority in the field.

Nominees should display an excellent degree of coaching skills. Consideration given to the following:

a. overall record

b. state championships

c. sectional/district championships

d. county championships

e. conference championships

f. coaching honors – i.e., coach of the year (please designate level – i.e., league)

Nominees should have a nominating individual fill out a nomination form and have at least two letters of recommendation from prominent baseball persons who will support the nomination and provide a character reference.

Individuals other than athletes, coaches and teams may be considered for induction. Consideration for selection should be based on the unique contributions the nominee has made to Colorado Baseball.


A person, once nominated, will remain on the consideration list for years to come.

Awards and recognition

Inductees will receive a plaque commemorating their induction.

Two large banners are being produced and the goal will be to put one permanently at Coors Field and one will be put up for display at DPS Stadium during the baseball season and then taken down after each season.

We will be contacting these two groups to pursue this action.

Presentation Ceremony

The inductions will take place the night of the CDC dinner and awards night.

We will ask a dignitary to be the master of Ceremonies for the Hall of Fame


Each inductee will be contacted and asked who they would like to be their presenter. If they do not select someone the committee will have select someone to do this or the Master of Ceremonies will present.

Inductees will be informed in the next couple of months and their spouse and the inductee or person receiving the award for those inductees who are being honored posthumously will be comped for the dinner. Other family members wishing to attend will be extended an invitation at the cost of $40 per person.

Jeff Letofsky will write the Bios for the inductees and will be soliciting information from those individuals. Jeff will be putting together a form to get this information for the bios.

The bios and pictures and such will go into the published program.

Jeff Letofsky will also be getting the media release put together and getting it out to all the Media outlets through out the state. According to Jeff there are over 50 newspapers alone as well TV and Radio Outlets.

Inductees will be introduced with a short paragraph bio read by the Master of Ceremonies and then each inductee will be allowed to have a short 7 minute thank you. We will inform the inductees of this prior to the awards night of course.