Willie White Ethics Award


The Colorado Dugout Club Coaches Association believes that the highest calling of a baseball coach is to teach life’s lessons and model the character traits of honesty, integrity, respect and personal responsibility. We also believe that honorable athletic competition provides rigid and voluntary rules of right and wrong that can lead to strong character development, and that a coach’s moral and ethical conduct – on and off the field – deeply influences players. The CDCCA established the WILLIE WHITE ETHICS IN COACHING AWARD IN 2016.

Nomination Award
Due Back ASAP. Get the nominations to us by November 1.

The CDCCA is seeking nominations for its Willie White Ethics Award, which will be presented during the annual Clinic. Please complete the following form to nominate a coach whose actions over an entire career warrant recognition based on the above criteria.

CLICK HERE for Application Form.

2017 Winner EJ Mapps Pomona High School

2018 Winner Jeff Legault Dakota Ridge High School

2019 Winner Joe White ThunderRidge High School

2020 Winner Ray McLennan Fruita Monument High School

Please attach this to the form and email to Coloradodugoutclub@comcast.net by ASAP.